Saturday, March 12, 2005


The Community is Troubled.

There has been much going on in the Filipino-American community of late.

Namely we have the events centered down in Oshkosh. This is very sad and should serve as a warning to those wishing to try their hand at e-mail relationships. I know many in our community have succeeded in this and do not wish to cast a pall over your particular relationship, but think about it.

It is easy for anyone to pretend to be someone who they are not when the relation's main point of contact is e-mail. Even the period of time you are supposed to be meet is no where near long enough to get a good feel for the person on the other side of the ocean.

Please do not get me wrong this advice applies to those on both sides of the ocean. Not everyone here is a good person, they could be abusive or bad in some other way. There is probably a reason they resort to e-mail relationships. For those on this side of the ocean realize some of the people are desparate and will do or say anything to escape their situation and they only have eyes on your bank account.

In the years I have been in this community I have seen these relationships both flourish and fail. I have seen abusive and rotten Americans and I have seen gold-diggers from the Filipines. I have also seen some glorious relationships that are testaments to love. I am not saying to not proceed but proceed with extreme caution.

If you are an American reading this, beware there are those from the Filipines looking for nothing but $. If you are from the Filipines and are reading this beware there are some Americans looking for someone to do the cooking, dishes, sex, and little else.

On a second note the tsmiss level in this community is spiking to a level I have not seen in some years. We got a call from irate "friend" tonight wanting to cuss me out to my wife. She left a message and told me not to interfere. Interfere with what?


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