Tuesday, March 08, 2005


My focus of late.

Has been on other things. So the NEW Bayanihan website is just being monitored. Am getting quite a bit of traffic on the site in the past week. However, I think the majority of those visits are bots and not legit visits as I am getting a few more spam notes from that e-mail.

I have thought about changing the form program. Currently I have to put the target e-mail in the form's html and as a result 'bots can harvest the address and add it to spam databases. I am thinking about using a key in the form, and the form handler program would use that key to do a table lookup of the e-mail address. Want to do this in PHP so I have to find a formmail program that is written in PHP rather than in PERL. Do you know of one? Let me know please.

Also I am talking to people about LUMPY. Do you have a great turon, lumpia, or barbecue recipe? Let me know and we can make it famous!


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