Saturday, November 19, 2005


Who Is NEW Bayanihan For?


Filipinos? No.

Americans? No.

Both? Yes, and others as well.

It is a mistake to characterize NEW Bayanihan as a Filipino organization more accurate would be Filipino-American organization. Remember, many of us are in mixed nationality marriages and to create an organization that caters only to one group or the other would be an affront to one of two parthners. Also, if you happen to be a pure Filipino couple, where do you live? You live in America, to be part of a group that focuses on one's birthland to the exclusion of the homeland (or vice versa) is not right. NEW Bayanihan stive's to be inclusive not exclusive.

In any event, NEW Bayanihan is established to serve others. NEW Bayanihan's aim is to serve the local communities we all live in and in the Philippines. Again, we strive to include both our homeland and our birthland (please note this is my birthland, I speak in general).

This is reflected in the events we have held or been part of. NEW Bayanihan has conducted events that stress the Philippino and events that stress the American. NEW Bayanihan has brought performing artists from the Philippines to share with our friends and neighbors here in Wisconsin. NEW Bayanihan has conducted baseball outings.

No other group has done so much to show to Northeastern Wisconsin the varied culture and great things of the Philippines. None. Have all the picinics you want but they do little more than get you fat.


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