Friday, April 07, 2006


Bus Trip!

NEW Bayanihan is proud to announce its latest upcoming event. The NEW Bayanihan Spring Bus Trip to Chicago! NEW Bayanihan, is going to sponsor a bus trip to Chicago Illinois on Saturday May 13th.

The destination will be Chicago's Chinatown and the northside Uni-Mart. Cost is $20.00/seat and the bus will leave Appleton's Fox Valley Mall at 7:00am sharp on Saturday May 13 and will stop at the Miles Kimball Outlet in Oshkosh to pick up riders at 7:30am on Saturday May 13.

We plan to be back home at around 8:00pm.

Remember, at the Uni-Mart you can find those hard to find Philippino grocery items, we will arrange a pickup with Fiesta Cargo (Balikbayan boxes), and you can take care of other business such banking with the Philippine National Bank.

See NEW Bayanihan's events page for more information.


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