Thursday, April 20, 2006



The National Federation of Filipino American Associations has taken a stand on immigration. Its pretty standard and expected with the one exception being a call for better border control.

We have been approached to join NAFFAA and I am not certain if this is something I want to sign up with. Those who know me know I am very outspoken about my political beliefs and my philosophy of government. However, the NEW Bayanihan mission is apolitical in the sense that I do not want to use NEW Bayanihan to promote positions that require governmental lobbying. That is, I do not feel it is proper for NEW Bayanihan to take stand other than to say we obey and urge all others to obey our laws. I would feel wrong about having NEW Bayanihan take an explicit stand on immigration or any other political topic.

When I described my vision of NEW Bayanihan to a friend of a friend she immediately urged me to form a political arm, organized separately to lobby the government. Hehehe, I think she thought I was on her and my friends side (I am decidedly opposed to their political views but you know what they say about politics and religion) of the political debate. I resist even that, as potential volunteers and contributors may not realize the technical differences or the differences may not be great enough for them to overcome views perhaps contrary to theirs.


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