Monday, May 29, 2006



Word is floating about how people on the bus were over-charged. The bus trip cost a person $20.00/seat for a trip to/from Chicago and $15.00 for children. That is not overcharging.

However, one place where the – charge – may stick is with respect to the stop at the UniMart Filipino grocery store. Yes, there were problems with double-charging, mischarging etc at the UniMart. However, the UniMart and NEW Bayanihan have no formal connections and as such we are free to take our business elsewhere on our next trip. That is what we intend to do (unless the UniMart does something big to make up for the mishaps)

As far as people getting kicked off of the bus, well, that is what happens when people do not pay for their seat. Surely it is reasonable to bar those who do not pay from participating?


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