Sunday, May 21, 2006



The NEW Bayanihan snowball is finally gathering snow and growing!

Last night an executive committee meeting was held and not only was there participation and good feedback there was enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is catchy and our enthusiasm for this project has worn off onto others which in turn feedsback onto ourselves!

Yesterday we also met with a group working to raise funds for Rainbow Orphanage in Dumaguete City in the Philippines. We will work with and support this group in their goals and mission.

If you bop on over to the NEW Bayanihan website you may have seen a number of improvements and additions, what fuel we received yesterday. Farmers Market is well in hand. I do believe that will be a success, I pulled the application for the needed food permits and got the first one ready. The second one will follow!

*What was formerly known as The Quarterly Tsmiss will now become The NEW Bayanihan Balita News
*Someone stepped up to join our executive committee!
*Two volunteers will take the type-setting of the newsletter of my hands!
*Good ideas for the next bus trip: An overnighter!
*Volunteer meeting to be planned!

Watch out Northeastern Wisconsin!


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