Tuesday, June 06, 2006


No Vows

Why does it seem to me some people in the community think when they join a group they are getting married to the group and must forsake others?

One person (so the rumor goes) was castigating her fellow group-X members for joining our bus trip. This person went to the group-X's president and whined about so and so and the president of group-X said essentially: So?

So indeed. Now, I know relations have been frosty but I have talked with various members and various leaders and have found quite a few of them open and willing to co-exist. Unfortunately, those are not the ones who control the groups main resources (even though they are executive committee members) and as such their voice counts for a lot less than what it should.

When you attend a group-X event I wish you and all else a good time. I don't question you like a jealous spouse. Its about time for those members of group-X to accept our existence. All I care for is the success of our mission and events and the success or failure of group-X does not in any way affect our success.


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